101 Things That Make Me Happy.

In no particular order…

  1. Gingerbread lattes
  2. my daughters
  3. laying in a patch of sunshine by a window
  4. new books
  5. sleeping in
  6. Coldstone ice cream
  7. iPhone
  8. Sudoku puzzles
  9. my friends – I have some good ones
  10. cranberry juice
  11. super cold skim milk
  12. inside jokes
  13. when people recommend new music to me
  14. magazines
  15. road trips
  16. watching the inauguration
  17. when someone trusts me
  18. long, hot baths
  19. win-win solutions
  20. conferences when I get to hang out with friends I rarely see
  21. Chex mix
  22. handmade cards from my kids
  23. guitar lessons
  24. browsing a bookstore with nothing in mind
  25. a good workout
  26. muscle fatigue the day after a good workout
  27. towels fresh from the dryer
  28. warm, fresh baked bread
  29. Twitter (yes, I’m a dork)
  30. figuring something out
  31. driving in the car alone
  32. the vibe of a big city (I big puffy heart Chicago)
  33. The musical, “Rent”
  34. when my daughters sing
  35. made up songs
  36. accomplishing a goal
  37. happy endings
  38. b&w photography
  39. The Beckoning of Lovely
  40. a bingo in scrabble
  41. Coke Zero
  42. cheesecake
  43. dancing at weddings
  44. Pandora
  45. flip flops
  46. gettin’ a spray tan
  47. a margarita pedicure
  48. making movies with my Flip camera
  49. tax refunds
  50. popcorn & milkduds together
  51. the perfect guitar pick
  52. Recycling
  53. rising above
  54. Converse lowtops. Still.
  55. Starbucks gift cards
  56. the color green
  57. yellow roses, gerbera daisies and sunflowers
  58. Sharpies
  59. A day trip to Ikea with my best friend
  60. the smell of coffee
  61. a clean car
  62. when someone else empties the dishwasher
  63. music by Counting Crows
  64. concerts
  65. the first warm day after a long winter
  66. the smell of Aveda Shampure
  67. Sephora binges
  68. free samples
  69. concealer
  70. onion rings
  71. funking sterling silver rings
  72. raising money for a good cause
  73. playing my guitar
  74. movie theater popcorn
  75. Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (AKR)
  76. surviving a layoff
  77. Everything bagels
  78. Barnes & Noble
  79. flash drives
  80. a room of people singing in unison
  81. the term of endearment “sweetie”
  82. The Bean (Chicago)
  83. ice cold water to drink
  84. thank you notes
  85. a well timed compliment
  86. saltine crackers
  87. freshly shaved legs
  88. when someone says something reminds them of me
  89. photography – and getting the perfect capture
  90. reusable canvas bags
  91. dancing at concerts
  92. Mix 1 protein drinks
  93. crispy bacon dipped in maple syrup
  94. a new notebook with pages to fill
  95. Canon cameras
  96. Stila tinted moisturizer
  97. when the creativity comes
  98. The Apple Store
  99. Best Buy
  100. Skype chats
  101. my daughters in pigtails


  1. […] been working on this list from the beginning – my list of 101 Things that Make me Happy. It’s random, there is no method to my madness really and though a lot of the items on my […]

  2. Jenna said

    I enjoyed your list! Here are five of my happy things –

    Going to the beach without getting sunburned.
    Starbucks brownies.
    Older kids falling asleep in my arms.
    Purses to fit my mood.
    My king-size bed & 900-count sheets.

  3. […] June, I finished my list of 101 Things that Make Me Happy.  Also, on the list front I completed the list of 43 Things I Like About Myself (this one was […]

  4. Patrick said

    This is a great list. I’ve been told to work on a similar one, but i always just say look at my twitter feed or something.. I think i will now. Thanks for the inspiration.

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