Amendments – Yes, ALREADY

I have replaced the bird killing #39 with a vow to remember to take my reusable mug to the coffee shop at least once per month. Not only do I get a discount on my coffee when I do that, HEY, it’s really better for the planet.

I’ve also squeezed the reading of “Little Women” in with re-reading the classics – though I’ve never read it. This way, I still read it, BUT, there’s now room on the list for having a drink on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago (since I hate elevators, this is HUGE).

I picked up a new issue of “Grand Rapids” magazine today – with an updated “Best Of” list. Cannot WAIT to start checking some of those places out! (Though I’ll probably skip the “best doughnut” of Grand Rapids – Krispy Kreme? Are you kidding?!).


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