It’s Hard To Think Of 101 Things

I have just posted my list and even as I type, there are things that I may or may not leave on the list. There are items that I will quantify as the next few days progress to make them more trackable – i.e. I say I want to “pay it forward” – am I doing that just once? Or once a month? So, there are still decisions to be made. And I will. I’ll update the list listed in the right hand margin under pages.

Once I kick off the whole shebang, I’ll post a second list – a duplicate list that tracks the status – I’ll bold something in progress, and I’ll strike through when I complete it. Clear enough, no?

And along the way, I may ask for feedback. For example, #62 has me re-reading the classics. I’ve chosen two – obviously there are for more than that. Feel free to help me out and give me some feedback to create that reading list.

Please note, that I’m a dork. I love lists. I’m also a competitive freak. I’ll get this done somehow, someway. I tried to steer myself out of my comfort zone, but I didn’t get too extreme.

ANNNNNNNNNND, there may be a few things in my head that didn’t make it to this list. Not because I don’t think I’m gonna do them – but, well, a girl just has to keep some things to herself. 😉


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