Are You Ready To Get Started? Yes, We Are.*

Just a few more days until my 101/1001 officially starts and I’m such a big raving dork that I’m really excited. I almost wonder if maybe I should have moved my start date up -but nah, I’ll wait. Just a few more days.

In the past few days, I’ve kind of started preparing myself to reach some of my goals: I’ve talked to the folks at Avon about the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer (that’s a marathon AND A HALF – so definitely would be a goal reached), and am leaning towards participating in that this June – that is largely dependent on the fundraising aspect. But, I’m twirling that one around in my head.

This morning at Starbucks, I purchased a lovely festive holiday travel mug, which may look mighty stupid when I’m using it in August, but Mother Nature doesn’t care. (Bonus, I already used the mug this morning instead of a paper cup that was gonna hit the landfill – so – yay me!).

Yesterday, I went to Target and purchased a brand-spankin’ new book of Sudoku for the nerd portion of my 101 Challenge.

I’ve got peeps already who say they are sending me State Map postcards from their states (they rock! they rock! they REALLY do!) – which is fantastic because that seemed kind of daunting to me. I’m sure there’s somewhere online where I can just buy the stinkin’ things – but I’d like to not go that route.


Bring it on.

*Sorry, unfortunate flasback from my cheerleading days.


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