#22: Get a State Map postcard from all 50 US States


Today, when I went to my mailbox I was greeted with a stack of JUNK plus a State Map postcard from Iowa (Thanks Heather!). I was so excited. I thought this would be the toughest part of my challenge – and we’re only on Day 2, so, it may still be tough – but now, I’m up to three. I have Michigan, California, and now… Iowa. I thought I had Minnesota but my desk looks like OfficeMax exploded on it – so I can’t yet be sure.

With so many awesome peeps offering to send me state map postcards, I’m pretty psyched about #22 – and not just because I am getting mail other than bills and Hanes catalogs featuring women in huge-butted granny panties on the cover.



  1. Heather said

    Hey, I just noticed the truck stop here has MN, IL, and WI cards. I think you have all of those covered already though, right?

  2. the101list said

    I don’t remember, actually. I’ll have to check the list to be sure – I’ll let you know. You ROCK!!

  3. gt said

    lot’s of state map postcards swap in there. plus i’m hosting a mega swap, where 50 participants will each receive 50 state map postcards mailed from one another 🙂

    ps If you would like one for New Mexico, email me.

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