#62: Those Pesky Classics, Revisited

So many suggestions – oh my god. You guys are amazingly well-read. Which kinda sorta makes me feel like a slug – that I haven’t read a lot of those suggestions – but on the below poll, I’ve read about… half-ish. I am going to pick SIX from the below poll. I said I’d read ten classics in this project, and I’ve decided that I’ll absolutely be reading: Catcher In the Rye, Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies.

Beyond that, it’s up to you. So vote for what you think is the best. By the way, I’m a poll-virgin – I didn’t know if there was a way I could let y’all vote six times. I think you can only pick one – so choose WISELY people. My enjoyment curled up with a good book depends on YOU.



  1. I vote for Catch-22. My brother was just talking about it, and how it reminded him of working in the corporate world. I read it at 16, so I didn’t see that. If you read it, I’ll reread with you, just so we can kibbitz about the funniest parts. It is the funniest book on your list.

    Also I’m a big Vonnegut fan, but I’d say the best is Cat’s Cradle. It’s short and punchy. For Twain, Huck Finn is the better book, and critically more important, whatever that means. And Tom Sawyer does have the fence painting scene, which I can’t have you reading on the chance you figure out my tricks and stop sending cookies.

    I’ve read a lot of those books, some because I had to, others because I wanted to. I do forbid you from reading Scarlet Letter. It is just awful. Pride & Prejudice is my favorite of the Austen books.

  2. Quick question: Why is your blog set to Greenwich Mean Time?

  3. the101list said

    Joe – I fixed the time quirk, I think. I’m not sure why it was on GMT – except I think that’s standard and I hadn’t monkeyed with it too much (Oh, and as you can see, my skillz don’t lie in the whole design thing, evidenced by my lame use of a template!).

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