Amazon Makes Me Crazy.

Anticipating that one of the classics I’d be wanting to reread would be “Catcher In The Rye”, I ordered that prior to Christmas after wining an gift card on a blog (I also ordered “Revolutionary Road” because my rule is book before movie, and I’m not so desperate to see Leonardo DiCaprio that I’m about to break that rule). The shipment was due to arrive on New Years Eve. It didn’t.

In fact, as of NYE it was still sitting in the same Allen Park, MI warehouse the tracking notice said it shipped from.


Because I’m a crabass, I Google  Mapped it. It’s roughly 150ish miles between where I live and Allen Park. Seriously. And they couldn’t get my freaking books to me in a week? Insanity.

Yesterday  I tracked it and from Allen Park, my books took a little trip to Illinois before coming back to Michigan. These are some well-traveled books.

Today, they were waiting in my mailbox. Just one day shy of being a week late. Punctuality is very important to me. Obviously.

In addition to my Amazon goodies, I’ve now picked up “Catch-22” and “The Count of Monte Cristo” (I’m expecting much in the way of moral support as I muddle through TCOMC – because it doesn’t appear to be about sandwiches and I’m getting a little scared).



  1. Heather said

    Sarah, I gotta say you are hilarious! It isn’t as evident on Envisage365 since it’s mostly images and less thoughts. Too bad you aren’t closer. I think we’d have a blast together!

    I get crazy tracking shipments of stuff to me ~ and I can easily see TCMC as a cookbook!


  2. the101list said

    Aw thanks Heather! I hate Michigan so I can move, how’s that? I’ll camp out on your couch? 😉

  3. I orderd a CFO book that needed urgently, and I had the same experience you did. I ordered some books for my kids that were not urgent and they showed up in two days….

    Go figure.

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