#63: Enter A Contest

I like free stuff. I recently read somewhere that if you’re not winning stuff on the internet, you’re doing it wrong. I’ve actually won lots of cool stuff online. I’m not a hardcore contest person. I know people who’ve won big money, hot tubs, and all kinds of crazy great stuff. Me? Well, I won tickets to Rothbury last summer (which was SUCH an amazing experience!), movie passes, gift cards… It’s fun. Free stuff is fun. Winning is fun.

On a cold snowy Thursday (and a SNOW DAY, to boot) sometimes there isn’t much to do but focus on the to-do list and tinker around a bit on the Net. I’ve noticed that I have a pretty funky attention span – I can focus hardcore on things that need to be done, but… I like to break it up with bits of random in between (which is why I love Twitter, and Facebook, and blogging, and… Any of those other things I do to waste time when it appears I should be productive).

Today, I decided to venture to Women’s Health magazine online to see what was going on. A contest! That’s what was going on.

Actually, they have contests everyday. Which is cool, because I’ll probably enter again. Odds are, I won’t win the pretty new elliptical machine. But they have some very cool health focused prizes in January, and February has some… Valentines focused prizes.

One more thing crossed off my list. But, I’ll probably keep at it until I win something.

Because I’m a (SAY IT WITH ME): Dork.


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