I’m SNOW Stupid

It’s done nothing but snow all over Michigan the past few days, so why haven’t I gotten into a snowball fight with anyone or made my snow angel yet?

Oh, yeah. That’s right. Because I hate the cold.

What the hell was I thinking putting this on my list?

I think I’d like to look ahead. Surfing. The temps keep dropping around here and I keep having those thoughts of warm sun and blue skies. And SURFING. Sure, Michigan is the land of a gabillion lakes but are they really surfworthy? (And maybe if they’re not, it’s the best thing for a newbie like me who has never gone surfing). My husband thinks this is one of the most ridiculous things on my list because when we were in Hawaii for our honeymoon eight and a half years ago, he took a surfing lesson. Me? I hung out on the beach trying to get melanoma. But who knew, right? Now, I want to try it. Then? I was young and stupid and thought I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Obviously, that was before children when I dictated my own schedule and planned life around work – with no other schedule obstructions.

Now, I want to try the things I didn’t before.

Guess I should start with snow.


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