#88: Goofy Photobooth Picture

My little sister is getting married in October. Her (now) fiance popped the question New Year’s Eve and they quickly decided on October for the wedding – as in this October. Ten months from now. I know from planning my wedding (way back when dinosaurs roamed the land – and OMG, I just typed “romed” first and now I’m going to have to just bury my head under a dictionary and hope that I learn to spell again) that a year and a half of engagement is far too long for planning – you get everything done and then have these months to spare. Those months stretch out endlessly once the planning is done, and you’re left to obsess about the details and have nightmares (I had a frequent one about arriving in the church on my wedding day without shoes). But ten months? It’s not QUITE long enough.

And this is where the Bridal Expo comes in.

A bridal expo was taking place today and my mom asked me to go with her and my sister – supposedly there were to be a ton of vendors, as well as bridal gown people with dresses on hand to try on. This was key: the dresses. Additionally, I really just wanted to try samples of cake, because hey: free cake.

Up and down the aisles of the Expo we wandered. We had a big group: two mothers of the bride (our mom and my sister’s stepmother), one mother of the groom, two grandmothers of the groom, the groom’s aunt, the maid of honor, my sister and Me. THAT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE. We had just got done sampling (and spitting out) some nasty cake when we came to a vendor that had A PHOTO BOOTH! Wheeeee! My sister, her MOH and I piled in and proceeded to take four of the worst pictures EVER!


Yeah – my flash blurred out our faces (seriously? Just as well) and from left to right it’s me (in green), sis, and then her MOH sitting on the right. Though these are definitely not the most attractive pictures any of us have ever taken, they will be an awesome reminder to my sis of this time in her life. And hey – another thing off my list!


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  1. Jill Smith said

    Okay – so a photobooth at a wedding is awesome (yeah, I have some experience). But I really love your list of 101 things to do….AMAZING!! I like the one about going to the movies alone….I don’t think I’ve ever been to a movie alone. Renting one and staying home doesn’t count….
    So, back to the photo booth – Way fun at weddings. If your sister decides to get one, she’ll never regret it. (heck, I regret not having one, and I was married back when dino’s roamed too….So, I don’t feel too bad, since they didn’t have photobooths for weddings WAY back then.)
    I’m glad you were able to check off another item from your list – it’s such a great feeling to “check it off”…..
    Thanks for the fun post,
    Jill Smith 🙂

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