#71: Dessert First

Every year around this time, I get pummeled by some horrible awful yucky strain of something, most likely passed on to me by one of my children. Last year it was the freak-of-nature sinus infection that left me immobile on the couch, unable to eat for a week, crying and moping and in general feeling like death warmed over. For a week. Until the magical antibiotics kicked in and I could breathe again and stopped feeling so pukey and stopped feeling like someone was poking my sinus cavities with a rusty butter knife.

And, hey, guess what? I’m sick again.

Now, it’s not that bad yet. I’m still up and around and doing the normal things I do – but I can’t breathe through my nose and my throat feels like I swallowed something prickly. My muscles ache and I feel chilled, and my god, I am going through SO MUCH KLEENEX.

When I feel this way, I just have very little patience for the little things. I am not a person overflowing with an abundance of patience anyway, so right now? I’m even less pleasant than I might otherwise be. I am in no mood to slave in the kitchen to prepare a dinner that no one is going to like, and will probably complain about. Who wants that? Yesterday, with my throat in agonizing pain, I spent a good portion of my day fantasizing about ice cream. On my way home from running errands, I hit the local grocery stores and found that cartons of Edy’s were buy one get one. Fate, I tell you. I selected a mint chip and a cookie dough and then my grand plan hatched: DESSERT FIRST.

I swung through the baking aisle and picked up the rest of my ingredients and came home and mixed up a batch of brownies. When both girls came home I told them I had a surprise for them, and when I told them, the look on their faces? PURE EXCITEMENT.


We ate our brownie sundaes and then I served a low key dinner (who had room for real dinner after starting with brownie sundaes? Not us! We all had soup). The kids were happy, and well, I was happy too.


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