#96: Kick Butt WorkOut Playlist, Step One

I’ve been thinking of working out a lot lately, mainly because I haven’t done it. The reason why on my 101 list you won’t find stuff about fitness and exercise goals is because by and large, I am a pretty active person. Itry to follow the “break a sweat” daily philosophy (which may be the only philosophy I’ll claim to stealing from Matthew McConnaghey – but look at him – if he’s gonna have a philosophy about something, I think he picked a good one).

Typically, I’ll do cardio six or seven days a week – some days more intense than others for sure, but it’s a mix up of activities. Some days I’ll walk, some days I’ll jog. Somedays I ride the recumbent bike. Some days I squint my eyes so I don’t have to see too much of Billy Blanks while I’m doing Tae Bo. I strength train about three days a week – and I break that up – I almost never do full body strength training. Day one is chest and shoulders, day two is biceps/triceps/back, and day three is quads/glutes/hams.

Yes. I take it kind of seriously.

But I’ve been sick lately, and have been too exhausted to work out and get winded pretty easily and that whole not being able to breathe thing. But I’ve been thinking of working out, and I miss it.

It’s almost a given that when I’m working out, I’ll have my iPod fired and and music playing. Currently, however, I don’t have a playlist devoted soley to my workouts. I have one for road trips. I have one for when I’m lying awake at night and can’t sleep. BUT – I need one that gets me moving while I’m moving. I’m thinking about twelve (or so) songs that can keep me from falling asleep while I’m working out.

SO, help me out. What songs belong on my playlist?



  1. karlman01 said

    Kanye West – Workout Plan. Obviously!

  2. I can work out to Rush – Marathon all day. I also remember using music from any number of 80s dancing movies, as well as the Cha Cha Slide. I also like to walk to Daft Punk – Da Funk; it just makes me feel like a bad ass

  3. Jen Page said

    Fergilicious — “I be up in the gym justa workin on my fitness.” (Fergie)
    Labels or Love – (Fergie)

    I love to take Fergie to the gym with me.

  4. Jen Page said

    Oh yeah — another one! “That Girl” by McFly stinkin RAWKS on the treadmill! The problem is I try to play air guitar on the treadmill with this song and almost always fall off!

  5. Becky said

    No offense, but you kinda annoy me. ;-P I just played Wii and am exhausted.

  6. the101list said

    Becky – I haven’t had a real workout in a week now because of this cold. I’ll continue annoying you next week. I know – most people don’t find it to be my most endearing habit/quality – but I feel so much better when I’m active and am a much nicer person for it. Really.

  7. Becky said

    See, I have to disagree with you. I don’t think it’s very nice to remind me what a slug I am….


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