#92: Find Someone To Make Quilt

When my oldest was my youngest, or maybe even before she was born, I decided that I would save all of her favorite/best outfits from her first year of life and have them made into a quilt. Her favorite blankets, the dress she wore for Christmas, some of the trim from her car seat. All of those pieces I wanted to be able to remember for the rest of her life.

Enter: my friend, Casey.

She took this huge box of clothes and turned it into the most amazing quilt. She pieced together all these memories of my daughter’s first year and made it into this magical thing for me. When I go into Six’s room, I see this quilt on the wall, scraps of her first sheets, the pink and green plaid of her sunhat and I am so grateful that I have those saved in a way that I can always remember that year.


(Excuse the hideous blue of my daughter’s wall – we are all SO over this color but I am so not up for repainting just yet).

My youngest is now three and a half, and I haven’t wanted to ask Casey to make another quilt – I know how hard she worked to make this one for us, and how much time it took. She has two amazing kiddos of her own and she’s crazy busy. BUT, this morning, Casey (who reads this blog – Say HI CASEY!) emailed me to volunteer to make Three’s quilt for me. She has committed to making it, though she’s got a few other things on her plate to take care of first. I am over the moon thrilled, and not above rubbing it in your faces that: Ha ha, I have a Casey, and YOU DON’T!

The clothes are in a box in the closet and ready when she is.


What amazing friends I have, right? Thank you, Casey! I love ya!



  1. Ms Alex said

    Yay for a Casey! That first quilt is lovely. 🙂

  2. Casey said

    ROFL!! Nice pic of the box of clothes waiting for me, LOL! 🙂
    I had completely forgotten what Six’s quilt looked like, wow, flashback!
    So yes, first on the list is Isaiah’s quilt of baby outfits, then yours…

  3. Casey said

    Ok ok, I did not think the first quilt was that fabulous (though I understand and appreciate the significance). As a quilter it is very important to me that all the fabric MATCHES, LOL! Even now when I see that picture I think… oooooh those dark patches just jump right out! But what an adorable velour dress that was before I chopped it into pieces… 🙂

  4. the101list said

    Oh, the fabric won’t match in this one either!! But that’s totally fine with me – with the first one, I remember each piece and remember her wearing it and it makes me smile – i don’t see tthat those dark patches jump out – I see the dress she wore in her six month pictures. And I love it.

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