They Make It Hard To Do the Right Thing

Sunday morning. February first. The second month of my project. Starting fresh. Several “monthly” things listed that I mean to accomplish, and I figured I’d get one out of the way early.

I was jonesing for coffee in a BIG BIG way.

I make hideous coffee, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before. In fact, one of my 101 Things should have been “Learn to make coffee that won’t peel the paint off the walls” – but, whatever, I am doing my share to help keep Starbucks in business. (All those stores they just closed? Yeah, well, without me, it’d have been MORE). I got my handy little reusable travel mug out of the cupboard and off we went to Starbucks.

Of course, as soon as we rolled in the parking lot, Three decided she wanted chocolate milk and Six just had to have a hot cocoa, and since we were out and about for awhile (and because I’m pretty much a softy), I said sure. The kids hung out in the car with my husband (he needs a good bloggy name, dontcha think!?) while I went to go get our drinks.

As they were making our drinks, a huge line started forming behind me and as I was leaving, I was struggling to juggle all the beverages (three drinks, two hands – a little tricky. I was always a really crappy waitress). It wasn’t until I got into the car that I realized that the barrista had screwed up my coffee order and it was NOT right. It was pretty nasty, actually.


At that point, I was too lazy to go back in and deal with the line or the people or any of it. I’m sure it was partly due to the fact that she couldn’t do the little “write on the paper cup with the Sharpie” deal to help her remember. But ugh. That’s what I get for trying to be nicer to the planet – craptastic coffee.

(As a side note, I figured I’d go for the extra credit today and try AGAIN with the mug for coffee- two for February, whoo! – and today’s coffee was excellent – must have had a barrista with better short-term memory).


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