Getting Things Done

You know, I’m sorta philosphically opposed to the phrase “Git R Done” – partly because I don’t know what it means and partly because well, it’s just not my thing (And philosophically opposed? What am I even saying – it’s not a philosophy so much as that I just really HATE IT). HOWEVER, nothing helps get things done more than going away for several days to a blogging conference several states away.

While I was at BlissDom, I:

20. Say Hi/Make Eye Contact with everyone for a day.
I’m not an unfriendly person, just a bit of an introvert at times. No, it’s not always easy for me to come out of my shell and be all “Heeeeey!” BUT, at BlissDom, it was pretty easy to do because everyone was so freakin’ nice. It was easy to sit down at a table full of people you don’t know, swap business cards and be chattering away within minutes. Were there any bad apples? Probably, but I didn’t meet ’em. I did this for more than a day. It was just too easy. I even ended up sitting with a woman in the hotel bar for awhile Saturday night (If you’re reading: HI! Hope you made it back to Boston smoothly!). It was definitely easier than I thought – and a reminder that maybe I should not be such a little hermit sometimes.

25. Pedi each season
No, I was not going with ugly toes. I had cute little open toed shoes to wear. Pedicure, check.

26. Yearly Girl’s Retreat
I think this may be it, because I’m definitely planning on going again next year.

56. Try a new cocktail
See that down there? That’s a Bliss-tini. No, I have no idea what the hell is in it but it tasted like KoolAid.


While I totally intended to attempt to eat McDonalds on this trip, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it quite yet. HOWEVER, I did go inside McDonalds twice (this is a huge deal – the smell of their french fries makes me twitchy) and inside a Hardee’s once so my BFF could get a milkshake. By the way, in case you didn’t know – Hardee’s smells worse than McDonalds.


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