#78: Celebrate a New Holiday – We’re Doing it, NEXT WEEK!

There are a ton of holidays, but a ton of crazy “holidays” that most people DON’T celebrate. I wanted to find a few and adopt them and celebrate something a little different.

Next Monday, me and my daughters will be celebrating NATIONAL READING DAY. March 2 is also the birthday of Dr. Seuss (Who I love, I love, I love), so the celebration is even more awesome because hey, Dr. Seuss.

To get started, my kids and I will be hitting Barnes & Noble and picking up some books and on Monday, I’m hoping that we all get to read a bunch. Hey, maybe I’ll finally finish Catch-22.

If you’ll be celebrating National Reading Day – let me know!



  1. ronda said

    make sure you get my many colored days. his wife published it after his death, so one of the very last dr. seuss books (my favorite one) one of the most often over looked ones too i think 🙂

  2. Today is not just Seuss’s birthday. It’s also Pulaski Day here in Chicago. A state holiday. Yes, we have the most poles outside of Poland*, why do you ask?

    *It’s true, Chicago has the second largest Polish population, behind only Warsaw. There was a time when it was the largest. OK, I’ll stop boring you with Chicago trivia.

    • the101list said

      Now why the heck isn’t this comment showing up on the site? Twitter is wonky. WordPress is wonky.

      Shucks. Might as well pack it in and be Amish today.

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