Happy National Reading Day

In an effort to celebrate a few new holidays, my kids and I have jumped on the National Reading Day bandwagon to celebrate not only our love of reading but the birthday of Dr Seuss. We jumpstarted this weekend by venturing to the local Barnes & Noble – I let each of my daughter’s pick out a brand new book especially for today. I am a big fan of the library and use our library often for books – but cannot deny there is a simple pleasure in cracking open a new book and rading pages that have been untouched by others and knowing that when you’re finished, that book can find a home on your shelves. So, one new book for each of us.

Today, Pumpkin and I went to the library. I picked up a few books and we also got four books by the birthday-dude himself, Dr. Seuss.


I’ve been Twitter-ing Dr. Seuss quotes today (I’m sure a large percentage of people are annoyed, but Oh well – after today, y’all are off the hook until next year).


As for me, I’m definitely reading today. I have two books cracked open: “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” and “The Ten Year Nap”. Both good (though Chelsea Handler is definitely a more fun pick for Monday).
Happy Reading Day to you – what are you reading?



  1. I am reaching Chelsea Handler’s book right now. She is a riot!

  2. I’m reading Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson. It’s about burnout in ministry – and it’s really interesting. I don’t work in ministry, but I’ve experienced burnout in a corporate job and I’ve been hurt by ministry. So it’s still relevant to me. Even if it wasn’t, though, the information and her personal story is still fascinating and a good read.

  3. annie jackson said

    these books that Dr. Suess have writen they been my if for years

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