Update, February 2009

I sit here, chomping on a Tootsie Pop berating myself for being so lazy on the update that it hasn’t been posted yet. I’m the kind of person who likes to get things off my plate as quickly as possible and put the ball in someone else’s court (way to mix metaphors) so that it’s no longer my problem.

February was a month of accomplishment for sure.

  • I’m more than halfway through my list of things that make me happy
  • Started a series of difficult discussions with the Husband (as it relates to his son who is definitely in the midst of struggle right now for sure)
  • I went to BlissDom and 1) said hi/made eye contact with peeps, drank a new cocktail, and if I wanted to, i could totally count BD as my yearly “girls’ retreat”
  • I scored a few more state map postcards (I know I need to get a PO Box set up for those of you who have offered to send me cards from your states – I will. Maybe this month?)
  • I got a pedicure!
  • I  paid it forward for the first time
  • I’m in the midst of taking 1,001 photos (NOTE: Should it be 1001 TOTAL or one each day? I’m asking you cuz you know about these things… and… because I should have defined that part better)
  • I made a book of my photos and am waiting for Shutterfly to deliver it (Free! CODE: PHOTOBOOKS – for just a few days more you can get an 8×8 photobook free. So get to it!)
  • I went to a RedWings game.
  • I FINALLY finished “Catch-22”. (NOTE: I have read three pages of “The Count of Monte Cristo” – this one is gonna hurt)
  • I actually WON some contests – I won a t-shirt from the Hotel Preston in Nashville (though they haven’t managed to ship it to me yet, which is not so surprising) and I won a game in a raffle at BlissDom.
  • I sent real cards out with real care packages (I sent out A LOT of care packages in February. A LOT).
  • I completed one of my painting projects

So, I’m getting there. Definitely getting some stuff done. Will March be as productive? I guess we’ll see.



  1. Kat said

    You go girl!! I am very impressed 🙂 I can send some postcards your way as well!

  2. Julie said

    Dang! I keep looking for the “heart” on the top right corner to like your posts, but we’re not on Tumblr here.

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