Three Birds In One Day

Or something like that.

Last year, my husband started a pretty cool tradition of treating me to a day at the spa at the end of his crazy busy season. He didn’t realize at the time he was starting a tradition, though – but the end result of me being so temporarily giddy, relaxed and laid back ball of mush kicked him into gear to repeat this year. AWESOME.

Yesterday was the day. I left the kiddos with him and ventured to the spa for my day of getting princessed. On my agenda? Facial, manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup. (Note: I hate massages so this agenda is perfect for me).

I started with the facial. It was amazing. Last year when I went, they shocked the hell out of me because they tell you to undress and get under this heavy warm blanket on a table and I was thinking, “WTF? I am going to HATE this!” because it was quite obvious from the necessary-nekkidness that there was a massage component to it. I was SO wrong. I loved it. You’ve got the handy-dandy heated blanket yanked up to your armpits and it’s not an overly massagey-massage. (Seriously, I know that makes no sense). Anyway – heaven for the face. Yesterday was no different except the facialist told me that I’m very dehydrated. Apparently, I don’t use enough moisturizer.



Margarita pedicure (my spring pedicure towards #25 on my list) was awesome. I admit, I’m the anti-social chick sitting in the chair soaking and not talking to the person working their magic on my feet. Rude, right? They have this awesome margarita soak, and scrub which included salt and squeezing actual limes on my feet. My toes are now a very attractive Miami Beet. Love.

I got the same color on my fingers when I moved on to my manicure. Only problem? I took off my rings for the parrafin wax dip, and after all the massage and rubbing of my hands my fingers were too swollen to get my rings back on. Uh oh. I stuck them on my pinky and as I was walking to get my hairstyled by a bald guy wearing sequins, my rings went flying off my finger and under a seat in the waiting area. Then I smudged my effing thumb nail.

Off to get my hair blown out. First a shampoo and I thought he was going to squeeze my brains out. It was as though his hands were saying, “I may be wearing sequins, but I’m still a man.” Or… maybe he just really likes to squeeze the hell out of people’s noggins. I don’t know. Either way, dude worked some SERIOUS round brush magic making my hair all smooth and shiny. Love.

I wrapped up my day getting my make up done (including a reminder to USE MORE MOISTURIZER, because I’m, y’know, dehydrated).

Met my husband and went for dinner at the restaurant voted “Best Martinis” (#98 on my list). I ordered a mojito. I’m not one to be super picky, but a mojito isn’t really a martini. And you could put it in a martini glass, and it will be really quite lovely, but still? It’s not a martini.


I’m not saying I didn’t drink it all. Because whatever you want to call it, it was still yummy.

A fabulous day – after dinner and a movie, I was so wiped out even though it wasn’t even 10 p.m. It’s hard work to relax like that. Work I would happily repeat more than once a year.


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  1. I got a facial once, and it was WAY better than the massage I got one other time. Hmm. Apparently, I need to be pampered more often! 🙂 Glad you had such a GREAT day!! How fun!

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