In Like A Lion? April Update

Y’know, with my computer acting defective for most of the month, I got a LOT of reading done. As I just walked TEN (let me repeat that, y’all: TEN) miles today to train for my two day breast cancer walk next month, I am a little tired, a little sore, and a little too lazy to wander upstairs to pull my list of books I read this month. But in the next day or so, I’ll post the newest additions to the books I’ve read (working my way up to 250 – WHOO!).

I managed to get another pedicure (and spent a day at the spa), followed by dinner at the home of the BEST MARTINIS in Grand Rapids. To that point, I don’t really consider a mojito a martini and sadly, I have had better mojitos at the chain Mexican restaurant I love so much, but this one had a nice big kick to it, so it was all fine.

I forgot I said I wanted to write a book, which stinks – I’ll either remember and pick that back up this month (so far, I haven’t), otherwise maybe i’ll scramble at the last minute and write a four page children’s book. In the beginning, my plan was to write 1,000 words a month. I suppose if I get a little verbose at some point between now and the end of this project, I can pick up the slack. Who knows. I’ll make it work somehow. Hell, Miley Cyrus “wrote” a book. If she can do it, so can I.

The biggest goal on the horizon is that I’ll be walking the marathon (and a half!) next month. Given the awesomeness of everyone, I finally hit my fundraising goal yesterday. Family, friends, and people I’ve never even met (whoo hoo for strangers!) donated to this awesome cause to support me and most importantly raise money for breast cancer research. Now that I’ve raised the money, it means that I’ve GOT to get myself in gear to walk 39.3 miles. As I mentioned earlier, I walked ten miles today. I think I also mentioned that I am not really moving much at the moment. I can only hope that pure adrenaline fuels me through the two day walk. Given that it’s part of my project to get this thing done, I’ll need some nagging and virtual kicks in the butt (high fives and “You’re so awesomes” will work too).


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