#79: The Daily High

I have a little ritual with my daughters at bedtime – I ask them seperately what their favorite and least favorite part of the day was (High/Low, if you will – I have to simplify because my three year old doesn’t really know what that means). I have a tendency sometimes to get bogged down on the aggravating nitpicky crap and forget that there’s some silver lining in the hooey I face, and so when I made my 101 List, I challenged myself to track the high of every day.

I’m doing it.

I bought a special notebook SPECIFICALLY for tracking the best part of each day. Sometimes the best part of my day is something small (example: 01/08/09: Saw a rainbow this morning – so pretty!), but that’s okay. The point is that even though your day may feel like the biggest steaming pile of crap, chances are, there was something good about it.

Some of my favorites have been:

01/01/09 My sister asked me to be in her wedding

01/16/09 Cheetos temporarily made my queasiness go away

01/18/09 Bought my domain name!*

02/04/09 I have awesome friends who support me when I’m stressed

02/15/09 RED WINGS GAME!

02/21/09 Got to take a nap – I needed that!

03/24/09 Awesome parent-teacher conference for Six – She’s reading at above a 3rd grade level! WhooHoo!

04/08/09 Spent the morning with the girls doing fun stuff. I am grateful for their health and their lives. Truly, TRULY lucky. 

I do a lot of silly things for my 101 List, but this is one of my favorite. I can’t wait to read it start to finish when my 1,001 days is complete.



*Still haven’t done anything with said domain name, but I bought it.


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