Update for May 2009

Another month gone and it really went by fast. Wow.

My trip to Chicago a few weeks ago allowed me to cross some stuff off my list: Not getting lost downtown? Awesome. I have yet to partake of a beverage on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building but I am sure I will manage to accomplish that this year – perhaps on a trip without my children. I know it seems an awfully touristy thing to do, and I totally agree. Some of you may or may not know how squidgy I got looking out the window of our 31st floor hotel room while in Chicago. So, adding sixty-some floors to that? It’s kind of a big deal…for me. And yeah, don’t be surprised if I have a drink before I go UP.

Probably one of the areas I made the most progress this month was my list makin’ stuff. Yeah. I have been working on my “43 Things I Like About Myself” and “100 Things That Make Me Happy” – and I’m pleased to report I am making decent progress with both. Frankly, I thought it would be really hard to find 43 things I liked about myself (because I don’t usually walk around thinking I’m so fabulous), it hasn’t been as horrible as I thought – mainly because I am focusing on all the unique things about me versus the physical stuff (which really only will make up a small portion of the list) – things worth noting? I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order. Useless, right? Yeah! But I love that I learned it when I was my daughter’s age and it stuck with me. Also, it means I will never be the person who makes a list of all the states wondering why on earth I only have 48 and which two are missing.

Good stuff.

The summer is approaching quickly – which means there is much more to accomplish (water balloons, anyone?). Should be fun.



  1. Ralph said

    Sarah, http://twitpic.com/6enhs/full is a picture of New York. The red building in the center is 70 Pine Street, an art deco skyscraper built in the 30s. Since the demise of the WTC, it is the tallest building downtown. The building was just sold this week by AIG. The building to the left of the picture is 60 Wall Street, the headquarters of Deutsche Bank. Behind 70 Pine Street to the right is One Chase Manhattan Plaza, a 1960s glass and steel monolith and the former home of Chase Manhattan Bank (before it merged with Chemical and JP Morgan and moved it’s headquarters to midtown). The view is west along Pine Street, one block north of Wall Street.

    • the101list said

      I just saw this response – THANK YOU….

  2. taraSG said

    Great list! Looks like you’ve gotten a really good start on it! I’ve added you to my fellow 101 links list (if that’s alright).

    Good luck! I’m looking forward to following your journey!


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