#87: List Things I Like About Myself

When I added this to my list, a friend of mine laughed and said to me, “Dude, you won’t be able to do that.” Well, you know what? I did.

I’m not going to say that it was easy – because it wasn’t. I struggle sometimes with being pretty harsh on myself and not appreciating the little characteristics that make me… ME. But, I came up with 43 things, and I’m pretty pleased with myself.

And, because I’m all about paying it forward – I challenge YOU to leave in the comments just three things you like about yourself – to see if you can, for one… And also, because I bet it’s been a long while since you have reveled in your very own awesomeness.



  1. I’m pretty funny.

    I have nice lips.

    I’m a good friend.

    Whew! I did it. Not sure I could manage 43, though!!

    • the101list said

      Awesome, Mary!

      (It took me a few weeks to make this list).

  2. Malia said

    I have great hair.

    I’m a really good baker.

    I have good taste in friends 🙂

  3. jenna said

    I am pretty computer-savvy.

    I love math, especially algebra.

    I can make a tasty loaf of 14-grain bread.

  4. Daniel said

    I think I need to call my therapist. . .

  5. Alana said

    1. I’m a good teacher.
    2. I make a mean banana bread.
    3. I’m pretty tech savvy and help others when needed.

  6. Franklin said

    I am one of the nicest, yet coolest guys in the world.
    And I have proof.

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