Alrighty, Let’s Get This Postcard Thing Going.

If you haven’t yet checked out my list over there on the right, it’s a list of which states I have state map postcards from and which states I’m still needing ’em from. If you can help me out by sending one from any of the missing states, drop me a comment and I’ll let you know where to send them to.

AND, if you want a lovely postcard from Michigan in return? I’ll happily oblige (though my definition of lovely differs from the companies that make Michigan postcards – because I’ve yet to see a lovely one – though, really I have lots of mediocre ones).



  1. Davina said

    I gotcha covered from Oregon. 🙂 Send me an address.

  2. I could totally take care of Texas.

    And New Jersey when I go back home for a wedding if you still haven’t gotten one by September.

  3. Daniel said

    I’ll get you KS in the mail ASAP!

  4. Lisa said

    I can do Georgia! Send me your address.

  5. Alana said

    Ohio here!!

  6. eddiejr said

    i’ve got you covered for michigan, oh… we’re neighbors 😀

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