#101: Water Balloon Fight!


The thing about summer that makes me crazy is that I am a mom who works from home. During the school year, my oldest daughter goes to school full time, and my youngest is in preschool/daycare two full days a week, which means that I have two pretty good chunks of uninterrupted time to get work done – and then I’m easily able to fill in the extra time I need to do work around my three year old’s naps.

During the summer? Not so much. I have struggled to find the balance and there are days when you have to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Screw balance!” and just have fun.

Yesterday was that day.

I took the girls out for donuts for breakfast (I did coffee and a bagel – random Sarah confession – there is really only ONE kind of donut I like. One. And if that is an option, it is SO hard to resist – but any other kind of donut? I will happily walk away from it, turning up my nose and being all, “Ewwwww. Donuts.” Yeah, I’m weird). We got back in the car and I had no idea where I was intending to go. I just started driving. Then an idea popped into my head…

Water balloons.

I went to the grocery store, picked up TWO packs of 150 balloons. The girls were so freaking excited that Seven walked RIGHT INTO  A LAMP POST because she was looking at the balloons while walking back to the car. She’s fine now, don’t worry.

Filling up the balloons was a gigantic pain in the butt – I had kind of anticipated that the handy little jobby-doo they give you with the balloons would fit over the kitchen faucet – but it didn’t. Outside we went.

Three hundred balloons? Just so you know? You DO NOT NEED 300 balloons. For anything. Ever.

Also, orange balloons pop more than any other color.

After a long extended time filling them up, we had our fight [I’m still working on editing the video which I’ll eventually post here or via YouTube] – and first of all – those suckers can HURT. Second of all, I think there was too much air in the balloons  somehow (from the hose? I have no idea), because those suckers BOUNCED.

So, was it the event I pictured in my head? Nope, not really. (Also, I must have been wearing a target on my crotch – took several hits to the crotchal region. Thanks, kids). We had a fun time though, and for a day, I was able to just let go and be silly.


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  1. Max said

    Check out this, kids can making hundreds water balloons per hour by themselves

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