Update – June 2009

Wow, I can’t believe six months of this project are over – especially because June felt like a major slow down for me – especially as far as reading went. School’s out, the kids are home and I’m a cruise director most days, steering them from one activity to another and trying to fight off the evil monster of boredom.

In June, I finished my list of 101 Things that Make Me Happy.  Also, on the list front I completed the list of 43 Things I Like About Myself (this one was difficult, but I did it – it was a tremendous accomplishment for me. Those who know me understand how I can truly be so thrilled about this).

I finally got a post office box set up and am ready to receive state map postcards (check out my list – if you live in a state from which I don’t yet have a postcard and want to send one, I’d LOVE IT! Also, if you want to just send regular postcards, I’d like that too! Mail is fun!). You can comment or connect with me via Twitter, and I’ll let you know how you can send me mail.

Y’all know I finally walked the marathon in June. VERY exciting, and I’m fairly sure I’m going to do it again next year. I was walking with such an awesome group – I’d love to join them again next year… but, I am also debating the location. How awesome would it be to walk in DC or Boston or one of the other locales? Might be pretty cool to try again somewhere new. (And going to DC again? It’s #93 on my list).

I went to a movie by myself in June. Being by myself? Awesome. The movie? Meh. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.

July should be another slow month – but maybe I’ll pick up a few more books and get a few more pages read. June crushed my average!


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  1. maria said

    I love your postcard idea. My kids (especially my 5yo) LOVE to get things in the mail. Seriously he gets so excited about getting mail, its hilarious. I love the whole idea of your blog!! Keep it up!!

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