#2: Complete 365 Project

On September 1, 2008, I ventured out with my camera on a still dark morning trying to find what might be my first “capture” of my journey with Envisage 365. I remember the joy of getting a beautiful shot of the morning sky, and I remember like a whirlwind the 364 days that followed.

The year was filled with trips to Starbucks, days spent in the hospital while my grandfather was in ICU for his heart problems and surgery, days spent with my children outside, days spent with my children inside, days when the only thing I did worth taking a picture of was curling on the sofa with a book.

But every day and every moment combined to make a beautiful reminder of my life – of the moments big and small – of my life, and the people in it. Things I might not have remembered without this reminder: The big dog waiting at the Starbucks drivethru, that election day coincided with the first day of the gingerbread lattes for the season, or how I ate damn near a whole bag of candy conversation hearts (BY FAR, the best part of Valentines Day).

This year also taught me that I really enjoy taking pictures. I don’t know that I’d call what I do photography, but I have definitely noticed the way I look at things has changed. My eye for a good shot has improved – and I really am enjoying myself. Someday I may even buy myself a grown up camera.


So, with that – yesterday was the end of my year.

And today? Today begins a new year.

What? Did you think I was going to quit? NO. WAY.



  1. Malia said

    Way to go Sarah! And I *really* like your last photo. That was brilliant 🙂

  2. Jenna said

    Amazing that you made it through the year! I have been diligently snapping pictures as well and think it’s a pretty amazing project. I actually missed a few days – I was so sick that it didn’t even cross my mind. I am not going to let a day or two ruin a whole year of goodness though.

    Are you going to do anything with your year of photos?

    • the101list said

      I am actually working on a photobook on Shutterfly to print them out and keep them in once place. Mid way through the year, I made a book with about 20% of my photos and used Shutterfly to make a book and it was so awesome I knew I’d have to do it again when I’d completed the year.

  3. Ami said

    You’re doing so much better with your 101 than I am! I FAILED big time with my 365 project. Thankfully I still have a couple of years to try again. 🙂 Did you post them online in a Flickr group or anything? The photo book sounds like a great idea and a great way to actually see your skills improve over time.

  4. Stacey said

    I love this idea, I might have to steal it for my next list.

  5. Stacey said

    ohh and I absolutly love the lyrics you have as a photo from Rent (my fav by the way)

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