September 2009: Monthly Update

Whoa nelly, y’all. Can you believe ANOTHER month is over? I’ve been at this list for 9 months now, and I’m makin’ some headway in getting things accomplished. In September, I read 11 books. E*L*E*V*E*N. I can’t believe it, either (and seriously: “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy? Best I’ve read in awhile. Check it out).

I’ve gotten about halfway through the 50 states with my state map postcards (I got #26 the other day… I think. I have to look at the list and update it). Got my summer pedi at the beginning of the month (I’m getting the fall pedi tomorrow – yay for weddings! My sis is getting hitched this weekend and she is insisting on taking the wedding party for mani/pedi’s. FAR BE IT FROM ME to say no).

This month, I paid it forward to a friend of mine. A few Saturdays ago, she had posted on Facebook that her daughters were bummed about not getting donuts for breakfast. Luckily the “Donut Fairy” was at the store picking up donuts for her own daughters. The Donut Fairy left a box of donuts on their front porch for them to find later. That was fun – but I made it clear to my OWN daughters – there really IS no Donut Fairy.

I’m starting to get worried about item #36 (two concerts of my choice per year) – I’ve been to one – but so far haven’t seen anything else coming to the area that I want to see. If there is going to be one thing I might not be able to accomplish on the 101 list, I’m afraid that might be it. *POUT*

I made an awesome book of my 365 photos through Shutterfly this month (Item #46, CHECK). It came out so beautifully – I was very VERY pleased with the end product).

I’m in the midst of reading another classic, “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I regret to inform you that “The Count of Monte Cristo” is a lost cause. I cannot, will not do that to myself. I tried. I really really tried. Currently, I’m using the book as a fly swatter/mosquito crusher.

I also started organizing my recipes (#75) – I’m very nearly done. Did you know that I have more cheesecake recipes than ANYTHING else? If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. I looooove cheesecake.

That wraps up September. Not sure what October will bring… But you know I’ll keep you posted.


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