In Progress: Gettin’ My Floss On

Confession: I am a sporadic flosser.

I brush my teeth several times a day. I am fanatical about getting to my six-month dental appointments. I only chew sugarless gum.

But when it comes to flossing? It’s some sort of mental block that keeps me from making it a regular “thing”. I do it occasionally. Apparently, I floss enough that I don’t have gum disease and my dentist hasn’t yelled at me – but come on. How hard can it be to adopt it as part of my routine? Just as I now remember sunblock daily, I should remember to floss, right?

So, here I am.

I’ve remembered to floss the past ten days. Twenty-one more to go til I have this one crossed off my list (and hopefully somehow etched in my brain to make it HABIT).

Wish me luck.

(Also, Glide floss is the best. It doesn’t get stuck between your teeth and it’s a very nice mint flavor. You’re welcome).



  1. And I floss every day (or at least 90% of every day) and still get “yelled at” by my dentist. I have great teeth. My gums, on the other hand… (You’re welcome for my sharing. 🙂 )

    • the101list said

      If that happens to me – I’m gonna quit flossing. 🙂

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