Monthly Update: October 2009

Wow, I feel like I was pretty productive this month. I read A LOT of books, including two “classics” (but not “Count of Monte Cristo” which found a new home in October. I won’t miss it).

Always a sporadic flosser, I made it a habit in October – flossing EVERY day (Item #19). I found ways to make it easy and now, to not floss would just be WEIRD. Sometimes, I floss my teeth at red lights while I’m driving. I don’t think there’s anything remotely attractive about it, but then again, I don’t think there’s anything attractive about gingivitis either.

Of COURSE I took my coffee mug with me at least once this month (#39: Oh, and why aren’t I doing that more often?). I’m in the process of making a mix cd (The theme? Coming of age. It’s all stuff from my high school years – so we’re looking at 1990 – 1994. Yeah. Talk about a trip in the way back machine). I organized all my recipes (#75 – and uh, that probably deserves a post of its own, because holy cow – that was a HUGE undertaking!).

What’s next on my agenda? Well, I’m still reading a lot. I’m about to start scrapbooking my oldest daughter’s portraits into a book – and by scrapbooking I mean, one picture, one page – no funky embellishments or stickers. Soon I’ll announce my plans for my 12 days of Christmas list item (and you’ll probably want to read about it because it involves presents and maybe YOU).

A friend sent me a recipe for what she tells me is a pretty awesome mojito, but now the weather is getting cold – I may be a kooky-crazy girl and try it out in November, even if that’s not really my favorite mojito time of year.


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