#51: Have a snowball fight

I’m kind of an indoor girl.

I say this so that you know why it’s taken me over a year of this project to do one of the easiest things on my list. Why, when we’ve had plenty of snow over the past year and some change, why I haven’t just bundled up to go outside and just PLAY in it.

I moved to Michigan when I was a teenager so I didn’t really get the whole childlike wonder, romp in the snow, be giddy and carefree kind of attitude about winter. In high school, snowdays meant hanging out with my friends and an extra day to get my homework done – A DAY OFF – not a day to go out in the muck and play (And honestly, how hilarious is it that as a parent I REALLY HATE SNOW DAYS?!)

But today, we had a fresh canvas of snow to work with.


And I wouldn’t say that I won the snowball fight. I pack a pretty good snow ball. But, I guess if you’re having to pick a winner, once you get hit in the butt with a snowball while running away, it’s safe to say that the winner… isn’t you.

But, it sure was fun.



  1. Ann Carr said

    I would like your permission to use your photo of the snowball against the window pane, for my hub on winter memories. I write on http://annart.hubpages.com and would appreciate your go-ahead as soon as possible. I will of course attribute the photo correctly.
    Ann Carr

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