February and March 2010 Update


Maybe I should have put “Update your 101 List Blog” on my list – then I would be better about letting y’all know how my progress is chugging along. Because it is chugging along.

While I haven’t gotten any new postcards lately (sad face) and I have yet to cook a whole chicken, buy myself matching bras and undies, gotten a passport or done that whole will-writing thing… I have:

  • been reading up A STORM
  • went ice skating again
  • planned a trip that involves going to two new states (SQUEE!)
  • may have made plans to finally get my booty to the top of the Hancock building for a drink
  • went to another concert (Michael Franti & Spearhead and John Mayer – and it was awesome)
  • I’m still working on 1,001 photos (Actually, I bet I’ve taken WAY more than that already – but I’m counting this as a picture a day for the duration of the project AND I HAVEN’T MISSED A DAY!)
  • Tried to get busy catching up on Sudoku

I have a lot of work to do yet – clearly. But I’m still having fun, and really that’s the important part.


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  1. Meg said

    I’m so jealous about the John Mayer concert!

    And I love the Hancock Building idea. That will be so much fun.

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