43 Things I Like About Me

  1. My eyes are an unusual, but pretty, color
  2. I have a fun, quirky sense of humor
  3. No stretch marks after two kids (whoohoo!)
  4. I can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order
  5. I remember birthdays
  6. I have toned arms
  7. I CAN’T burp on demand
  8. I’m mostly right brained
  9. I have enough of a functional left brain to not be ridiculously flighty
  10. I have an amazing memory
  11. I learn languages easily
  12. I make phenomenal cookies
  13. I stay in touch with people
  14. I have a warm smile and nice teeth
  15. I have long fingers
  16. Even when my fingernails are short, they don’t look stubby
  17. I have an inny belly button
  18. My curly hair is quirky
  19. I am a ridiculously awesome speller
  20. I am a great listener
  21. I can do pushups with perfect form
  22. I’m competitive
  23. I associate songs with people and/or moments
  24. I’m a decent dancer
  25. I can still do a bridge
  26. I’m not mean to people (even if they deserve it)
  27. I love my kids for who they are
  28. I’m a very heavy sleeper
  29. I make being active a priority
  30. I make lists
  31. I care about causes and try to make a difference where and when I can
  32. I’m tech-savvy-ish
  33. I have a great sense of direction
  34. I’m cautious
  35. My freckle.
  36. Eclectic taste in music
  37. Persistent
  38. I take on new challenges
  39. My heart is big (figuratively, that is. Literally, I think it’s quite average)
  40. My friends trust me
  41. I’m an awesome roadtripper
  42. My dimples
  43. I get sarcasm


  1. […] June 16, 2009 at 11:52 am · Filed under 101 Things, Lists, Random Things When I added this to my list, a friend of mine laughed and said to me, “Dude, you won’t be able to do that.” Well, you know what? I did. […]

  2. […] my list of 101 Things that Make Me Happy.  Also, on the list front I completed the list of 43 Things I Like About Myself (this one was difficult, but I did it – it was a tremendous accomplishment for me. Those who […]

  3. Hi Sarah. My name is Paul. I’m from Wales UK saw your profile while seeking via Twitter. I was looking for folks interested in motivational speaking etc. Wanting to see your views/articles. I enjoyed reading this blog.

    I was talking to our local church last week on ‘celebrating yourself,’ Your personal list is a cool idea and I love your sef confidence ..a great idea I can share with others.

    Many thanks. I’ll be in touch

  4. Just ❤

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