The 101 List – Status…

1.  Write list of 100 things that make me happy (101/100)
2. Complete 365 project
3. Send a secret to Post Secret
4. Finish changing all lightbulbs to CFL/most energy efficient for their use
5. Buy rechargeable batteries instead of regular AA batteries
6. Fundraise and participate in Relay for Life
7. Have a difficult conversation instead of deflecting and avoiding when topic arises
8. Go to two states I’ve never been to before (2/2)
9. Read 250 books (121/250)
10. Write a love letter (to someone else or to myself)
11. Cook a whole chicken
12. Make and keep appointment with Dermatologist once a year for skin cancer check – even though it’s creepy and I hate it (1/3)
13. Go ice skating (2/3)
14. Spend a day at the beach
15. Throw away lotions, hair products, beauty stuff I don’t use
16. Splurge on five matching sets of bra/underwear (0/5)
17. Start a journal
18. Plan and go on a vacation lasting three or more days
19. Floss every night for a month
20. Say hi and make eye contact with each person I encounter for a day instead of looking away
21. Swim in one of the Great Lakes
22. Get a State Map postcard from all 50 US States (32/50)
23. Write a letter to the editor
24. Have a drink on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building
25. Get a professional pedicure once a season (7/11)
26. Plan and go on a yearly Girl’s retreat (2/3)

27. Start a new family tradition
28. Do something nice for a stranger – pay it forward (4/5)
29. Make a snow angel
30. Buy flowers and give them to a stranger
31. Learn to make the perfect mojito
32. Go surfing
33. Make a fabulous dessert I’ve never made before
34. Go see a chick flick with girlfriends
35. Drive through downtown Chicago without getting lost
36. Go to at least two concerts of my choice per year (3/5)
37. Go skinny dipping
38. Walk a marathon
39. Remember to take reusable mug with me for coffee – AT LEAST once per month (13/33)
40. Keep the girls home from school and  play hooky – all fun stuff all day
41. Play a song on guitar and post video on my blog
42. Write a song for guitar
43. Take my daughters to see The Nutcracker
44. Send someone a care package
45. Take  1001 photos (396/1001)
46. Make a book of my photos
47. Go to a Red Wings game
48. Get a bikini wax
49. Do the 12 days of Christmas for someone else.
50. Make a website or blog to track my 101
51. Have a snowball fight
52. Make a piñata
53. Go to a “toy” party
54. Go to a candle party/or housewares party (both equally snoozeworthy)
55. Write a book
56. Try a new cocktail
57. Have a portrait taken
58. Go to a winery
59. Eat at McDonalds (ugh!)
60. Update my resume
61. Take a trip on a train
62. Reread classics: “To Kill a Mockingbird” “Catcher In the Rye”, and “The Little Women” (Which I’ve never read before) etc. (6/10)
63. Enter a contest
64. Sing karaoke
65. Get a passport
66. Draft a will
67. Make  a mix cd
68. Watch “The Big Lebowski” all the way through. Even if I don’t find it funny.
69. Enjoy a day at a spa
70. Go horseback riding
71. Make dinner – serve dessert first.
72. Send a message in a bottle
73. Learn to cook a new dish
74. Finish a book of sudoku puzzles (17/150 puzzles completed)
75. Organize recipes in binders or in some way so that there aren’t magazine pages everywhere
76. Buy nightstands that are at a good height for bedside
77. Go on every roller coaster at an amusement park
78. Celebrate a different holiday
79. Keep a list of each day’s HIGHS (396/1001)
80. Make a scrapbook for the girls’ portraits
81. Go commando for a day
82.  Write a letter to my kids of what I wish for them – put it away for their 18th birthday
83. Leave notes in library books (12/20)
84. Save all coin change for the duration of the project.
85. Send someone a hand written note, postcard, card or letter each month (13/33)
86. Memorize a poem
87. List 43 things I like about myself (43/43)
88. Have goofy photobooth pictures taken
89. Make bagels from scratch

90. Take a spinning class
91. Buy a book about Kama Sutra – try  a few things…
92. Find someone to make a quilt of K’s first year baby clothes.
93. Go to Washington DC when the cherry blossoms are out
94. Finish all the painting projects for the house (Basement, master bathroom, kids’ bathroom,  master bedroom, downstairs bathroom)
95. Take the boat across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee
96. Make a kick-butt workout playlist
97. Go “vegetarian” for a week – No meat!
98. Try five categories from the “Best of Grand Rapids” list and go to those places (2/5)
99. See an outdoor concert downtown
100. Go to the movies alone – three times (2/3)
101. Have a water balloon fight.



  1. Jo said

    You are doing great. Sad to say I have not been. LOL

  2. the101list said

    It’s not always easy, that’s for sure!!

  3. the101list said

    Wow – Word Press is not saving my updates to this list. Which stinks. I just finished #24 and #3 in the past week.

  4. […] of my favorites have posted their 101 lists.  They have given themselves over 1,000 days to complete a […]

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