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#15: Throw Away Beauty Products, Junk I Don’t Use


I just crossed something off my list.


All that crap up there? It’s now in my trash can.

There are travel bottles of god knows what. I think maybe it’s conditioner, but I can guarantee it’s been in there a few years – and it looks like it’s kind of congealed. I can’t be sure. I didn’t open the bottle. That green stuff on the left – well, those bottles are the newest. I won them at a baby shower. I know for a fact that they came from the dollar section at Target, and they pretty much smell like dollar lotions (but by the way, how much do I rock winning stuff at a baby shower? Yes. Impressive). Old nail polish. A bottle of Pantene hair gunk so old that there is dust and product residue looking all nasty on the top (and the stuff felt like Elmer’s glue in my hair – not good).  A deoderant that smelled like old men. Two foundation colors – one that made me break out in a rash and one that is probably four years old. And then TONS of little bitty Mary Kay samples. Why? I don’t know.

Mission accomplished.

Somehow, I thought I’d have more room in my bathroom after completing this project but it turns out there there’s still a fair amount of stuff that I actually use. Oh well.


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