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#24: Have a Drink on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building

Chicago is one of my favorite cities on the planet and I tend to go there several times a year. Every time I go, I mean to get this mission accomplished – #24, but everytime I overbook myself, have too much stuff going on and no unscheduled “fly by the seat of my pants” time and then once again I go home without having crossed this off my list.

I changed that this weekend.

I knew for awhile I’d be going to Chicago. I was meeting a pretty amazing group of people from Twitter, and a few weeks ago, I posted about wanting to go to the John Hancock Building to have a drink on the 96th floor if anyone wanted to go. Squee! Someone said yes.

And I’m glad she did – I actually only met her that day – but she was super sweet and tolerated my crazy (which may have included mentally calculating the weight of everyone on the elevator to see if we were at or above the weight capacity limit. WHAT? STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE I’M CRAZY).

But the elevator was actually the easy part. 45 seconds and you zip right up to the 94th floor Observatory [NOTE: We paid about $16 for this part without realizing there was a whole ‘nother elevator that you could take to get to the restaurant/lounge that WASN”T $16. FYI. Whatever, I don’t mind, actually – I’m glad we saw it all.]

Do you know how difficult it was for me to get that close to the window? OY.

94th Floor observatory


OH YEAH, I had that drink.

It's a little bit tall, isn't it?


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#38: Walking A Marathon (Also Known As OMG, I’m On Crack)

I have done it. I have registered for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. A marathon and a half. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?

It’s funny, I mean, I have 1001 days to do all this stuff, and here I am signing up now to do this walk in June. I guess the plus side to that is that for the rest of my days beyond that, all the hard stuff is done – I can kick back reading my classics, drinking my mojitos (til I find that PERFECT recipe), getting bikini waxes and just being relieved that I’m done with the hardcore stuff.

When I was planning my list, someone on Twitter told me about this walk and even invited me to join her team (which is awesome because she doesn’t even know me – just knows that I am the QUEEN OF COOKIES). I’ve actually spent awhile debating internally whether or not I wanted to do this – not because the distance scared me, but because the fundraising aspect was a little scary.

But, it’s for a good cause and I’ve got some ideas for fundraising (all of them are legal in all fifty states, so don’t go getting too excited). Minutes after sending my very first plea for support, I got an email from Avon telling me someone had contributed towards my goal. And now I’m 3% towards achieving my goal. It seems a little less scary in bite size pieces.

I guess now it’s on me to get myself in shape so I don’t keel over and look like a wuss baby. Sure, I’m in shape, but the most I’ve ever walked in a day was 15 miles and though I’m in better physical shape now than I was then, I have to say, a marathon and a half over two days in Chicago in June? Some of you must think I’ve been sniffing glue.

And since you’re here reading about it anyway, why don’t you go click over to my page on Avon’s site and support me 😉

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